Floral Print Self Tie A-Line Polyester Summer Wrap Dress Floral Print Self Tie A-Line Polyester Summer Wrap Dress [Reviews]
Sale Price: $ 18.99 Original Price : $ 50.00
2019-10-09 Tim***t
This is a great, flattering wrap dress. I was concerned it might be too short, but the length is perfect. I would just warn if your chest area is large, this may not work out. I do have to wear a cami under it because the neckline is so low.
2019-09-12 vy.**
Cute dress, color kinda bright than the picture but still love it ❤️
2019-09-02 qua***guye
Dress fits true to size, the print is beautiful and the qualityfor the price is very nice!
The only thing I have to say is that if you are a little taller than average it might be a little too short and that the opening in the cleavage is quite low.
Other than that I am very satisfied!
2019-07-05 Kri***laso
looked nice on my tan friend! there was surprinsingly no whole to fit the wrap string through?
2019-07-03 Sin***ov
Super cute Looks exaclty like the pictures . Fits well and is comfortable and cute.
2019-07-01 eug***ban
I love this dress. Looks exaclty like the pictures , material is great. Cery well made and true to size
2019-06-30 car***lewi
i totally love it, the size is perfect
2019-06-14 Taj***u
True to size! This dress is perfect. Very happy with this purchase.
2019-06-06 Sea***ixo
The colour is a bit brighter that it appears to be, but still cute. The whole for the belt is on the right side to whoever is wondering
2019-06-06 Sin***ov
when of my favourite purchases on this site! the cut and the fit is sooo flattering
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